Helpful Cyclist Information

                As you enter the parking lot beside Grace Church Yorktown, you will look to the back left corner and take the small wooden staircase that goes down a small hill. Follow the sidewalk into the kitchen door of the red brick cottage. If the door is locked, please call John and Twyla Oppenhuizen (they live right across the street from the church) at 757/988-1006.

                You will enter the kitchen. Feel free to use all the facilities. Check out the alcove at the base of the stairs to the second floor (near the front door) where you will find information for cyclists and our Register. Please sign the register!! Help yourself to the information available. There is no charge but you may leave a donation in the box provided on the kitchen counter. All donations support cyclist hospitality.

                At the top of the stairs, you will find a closet with sheets and towels. Help yourself during your stay and leave dirty linens in the closet of the downstairs bedroom to be laundered.

                There are 2 bedrooms – one downstairs and one upstairs. Each has 2 single beds. There is a full bath upstairs and a half bath downstairs. Under the sink in the upstairs bathroom help yourself to any toiletry items that you may need.

                One important consideration: Please do not walk or drive in the driveway leading directly into the house, except for handicap access, or emergencies. We have a legal agreement with the neighbors regarding this which all church members and guests must observe. I am so sorry about this as it means that you must take your bike and other belongings up and down the wooden staircase which is a hassle. I assure you it is worth it to most!

                Please either lock your bike to one of the outside wooden bike racks you find on the lawn around Riverview, or bring it inside. Bikes have been stolen in Yorktown, but never at the church or Riverview.

                Please let us know of any other questions or concerns that you have. If there are church gatherings in Riverview during your stay, please work around them. They, of course, will only be during the daylight and evening hours and they expect to see cyclists coming and going.

                Leave the kitchen door unlocked as you come and go during your stay. Lock it behind you when you leave for the last time. Have a wonderful stay while you are in Yorktown.


John Oppenhuizen (757-988-1006) Call first
David Douglas (757-871-2578)
Bob Frady (757-639-3637)
Last Published: April 26, 2017 1:31 PM
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