Second Sunday of each month beginning at 7:00 p.m. in the Parish Hall
The Celtic Eucharist is a candlelight service using sacred music to provide a meditative worship experience.  You are invited to this quiet, contemplative evening worship experience, which is steeped in tradition.   This service invites you to enter into a place of rest, prayer and reflection.  The atmosphere is one of stillness and calm.  Musically, you will find expressions from the Celtic and other traditions.  Silence has a place of importance at various intervals as well. Visually you can expect to see a darkened space with many lighted candles.
Prayers and liturgical forms used may come from a variety of sources.  In this particular Christian worship service there will be no sermon but a brief personal reflection offered by a member of the clergy or a guest.  During the Eucharist all will be welcome to come forward to the altar table. There is also an opportunity during the service for anyone to light a candle as a tangible reminder of those for whom we pray. We invite you to the healing station for special, intentional prayers.
The Celtic worship service is a wonderful opportunity to invite a friend, family member or acquaintance to join you. This service is intended to be inclusive and welcoming of all people.  We invite you to this experience, hoping it will allow you a deeper place of spiritual attentiveness, a place where you experience God in your midst.
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