Our original church building was built on the current site in 1697.  During the pre-Revolutionary period when Yorktown was the main port for the Virginia Colony, the church served York-Hampton Parish.  Our ancestral vestry included Thomas Nelson, signer of the Declaration of Independence, his family and other pre-Revolutionary Founding Fathers.  The original building survived the Revolutionary War, but burned in the Yorktown fire of 1814 leaving only the marl walls standing.  It was rebult in 1848, but again suffered severe damage during the Civil War.  Renovation in the 1920's created the building we use today.  The church is listed on the Virginia Landmarks Register and the National Register of Historic Places.

The Grace Historical Church Preservation Foundation was created in order to receive charitable donations for the maintenance and restoration of the old church building.  This fund is growing due to memorial donations, and contributions from outside organizations that are interested in historical preservation, including the Martiau Descendant Association and the Pate Genealogical Convocation.  Current Board Members include David Miller, President; Cathy Miller, Treasurer; Lois Winter, Secretary; Allan Geddes; Ray Miller; Lou Stack; Brenda Moore; Sharon Stack; Jerry Twigg; and Rose Field.

Tax deductible contributions can be made to:
Grace Historical Church Preservation Foundation
P.O. Box 133
Yorktown, Virginia 23690

By preserving this historic church for future generations, we honor a symbol of the spirit that built America.  For more information, contact Lois Winter, (757) 898-0782. 


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