The Grace Church Labyrinth is a 31-foot diameter canvas artwork reproducing the ancient labyrinth laid in the floor of Chartres Cathedral in France, circa AD 1220. Labyrinths far predate Christianity and are found in almost every culture around the world. In the Middle Ages, the Christian Church appropriated the labyrinth as a symbol of a religious pilgrimage to Jerusalem, the ultimate act of devotion. The Grace Church Labyrinth allows present-day pilgrims to reclaim a spiritual expression that has been lost for centuries.

Since its dedication in 1995, the Grace Church Labyrinth has been offered in workshops at the church and throughout the Tidewater area, and hundreds of seekers have walked its path. People of all ages and backgrounds, each with their own beliefs and needs, have walked, danced, sung, stopped to meditate, and greeted each other in peace. They have expressed the feelings and images arising from the labyrinth walk though drumming, creating madalas, journalizing, prayer, and service about the Labyrinth.

Questions about the Labyrinth
Walking can be a spiritual experience. Movement can be prayer. In fact for some of us, like St. Augustine, walking is the way we do contemplation, discernment and often can best encounter the divine. The labyrinth is a spiritual tool that helps us use our walking for spiritual purposes.

How to Walk the Labyrinth
The labyrinth has only one path, and if you follow it, you will arrive at the center. This is not a simple description - it is a spiritual assertion. All of us are on a journey, each individual on a unique path while in community with others.

Scheduled Dates
Labyrinth walks are offered, as a Grace Church ministry, to provide a walking meditation based on an ancient symbol of pilgrimage, making possible healing, self-understanding, and an experience of centering in a setting of beauty, mystery, and peace.  Please contact Belinda Willis at (757)870-6161 or e-mail at for more information or to schedule the labyrinth.